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Brianna rewrite

Some readers were having trouble with first person present-tense, so I rewrote my favorite story in third person past tense just for them :) Check it out for free.


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Cassie’s Craigslisting – anonymous sex erotica

Cassie and her husband have had a falling out, so she turns to anonymous sex to fulfill her long-denied needs… finding out just how sexual she can be in the process.

Cassie's Craigslisting

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Daddy’s Discipline up on Amazon

Amy’s step-father agrees to take her in for the summer. She’s used to men fawning over her, so his stern discipline frustrates her almost as much as his sculpted body. When she crosses the line and he has to spank her, she realizes that she might have a way to seduce him after all…

Daddy's Discipline

My first big review!

Pleasantly surprised :) check it out!

Tempting Jennifer

Enjoyed ‘Captive in the Dark’… :)

Kind of a new style for me to enjoy, but I loved ‘Captive in the Dark’. It’s out now in both novel and paperback.

It’s by CJ Roberts. I took the liberty of finding her author page.

She has a freebie out called ‘Manwich’. I liked that one too :)
– Lilly has a problem expressing her fantasies about being dominated and pleasured by two men to her husband James, but not her best friend Seth. On a vacation to Sin City to visit Seth, Lilly decides to let her best friend show her that bravery has its rewards. SHORT STORY: 5,500 words

And a few more books!

Check em out :) I’m also working on PubIt and AllRomanceEbooks postings.

Brianna’s Fantasy – In “Brianna’s Fantasy,” Brianna tells the story of her first sexual encounter with a girl… and her new girlfriend is more than willing to re-enact it.

Lexie’s Lessons – In “Lexie’s Lessons,” a girl who has never really enjoyed sex receives a lesson from her roommate… who is more than willing to show her how it’s done.

Teaching Lexie – In “Teaching Lexie,” a girl who is just starting to understand sex shows her roommate how fast a learner she is… by turning the tables on her in the shower.

Angela’s Explorations – In “Angela’s Explorations,” something seems to be bothering Tara. Can Angela’s feelings – and her eager tongue – help her best friend and lover feel better?

Rebranding under way

Thanks to a lot of great advice from other authors such as Shaina Richmond and Nikki Palmer, I think I’ve figured out a better way to sell what I write. Biggest thing I’ve realized is that anthologies don’t sell as much. I’ve also upgraded my covers by about a million percent.

From now on I’ll be releasing about a book per week, similar in length to the stories above. Hope you like them!

So, here are several books by me in place of my former offerings:
Brianna In “Brianna,” a girl realizes she’s crazy about her best friend after a shocking incident opens her mind to new perspectives. Can she make a move, or will she just lose her friendship?

Sara’s Dare In “Sara’s Dare,” Beth accepts a dare from a gorgeous girl to prove that she’s straight… but can she actually follow through?

Angela’s Awakening In “Angela’s Awakening,” Angela and her best friend wake up in bed together after a night of drunken mistakes. They didn’t have sex with each other… but they realize that they want to.

Practice In “Practice,” a college girl and her best friend realize that they can get attention by doing sexual acts with each other… but their practice sessions take on a life of their own.

I’ve also renamed my novel to Tempting Jennifer: An Erotic Lesbian Romance.

Jennifer is a shy but intelligent girl who’s never had an orgasm. Kira is sexual and curious, with a dark predatory urge. Follow the true story of these two friends and the women around them as Kira tries to seduce Jennifer into the joys of submission – soon finding herself caught up in a strange new kind of romance that she didn’t expect.

An odyssey of seduction, domination, and lust that delivers engaging emotion and sizzling heat in every chapter.

WARNING: This novella contains very explicit sex between women. For mature 18 and over readers only.

Content advisory: Contains scenes of f/f sex, f/f/f sex, oral sex, seduction, and domination. Intended for adults only.

Brianna mentioned at SpicyRomanceOnline!

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