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New Book – Sorority Crush

Cora’s new to her sorority, and she’s not fitting in well. Her beautiful red-haired mentor, Bethany, tries to show her the ropes… but a heated and surprising encounter opens up a very different kind of relationship between them.

Contains domination, roughness, submission, and lesbian sex. Adults only!


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New Book – Cheerleader’s Game

Hey there :) boy it’s been a long month, which is weird, since it’s February. More Steps to Submission with Piper and Isabella is coming, but, in the meantime, here’s something I enjoyed writing :)


Only months before heading off to college for the first time, London finds herself committed to one last sleepover – with her hated rival, the cheerleader Avery. It seems the enmity they share may actually have deeper undertones…


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Piper’s Crush – Steps to Submission #21

Happy February, everyone :)


Piper and Isabella have a new game, and, in pursuit of that game, they go to the bar, only to run into Piper’s first crush from high school, Maggie. It seems this crush was particularly strong, and Maggie looks very much like Isabella… drinks are had and bad decisions are made, leading to a night none of them will forget.


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