Lynn’s Craving

A seemingly random message from a girl online leads Lynn into her first experience with lesbian sex – and it seems, no matter what she does, she can’t get women out of her head. She begins a journey through a girl-on-girl hook-up culture she never knew existed, looking for that one perfect experience that might satisfy her craving…

34,000 words, heavy on the story and obsession, with elements of domination and seduction. Truer to life than most suspect.

My Roommate’s Girlfriend

Amber’s new roommate is pretty normal. Her girlfriend, on the other hand, seems quite the sexual predator. Has Amber gotten in over her head?

17,500 word erotic novel giving in and going down.

Sorority Seductions

Elle has a problem: her sorority roommates are horrible girls that threaten to ruin her entire four years. She feels trapped, until she learns that the sorority has rules against girls fooling around with each other – something which she can use to get her roommates kicked out, if only she can get them to have sex. To that end, she begins a dangerous game of manipulation and seduction… but will she fall victim to her own dark urges along the way?

21,000 words, focused on college girls doing bad things, with elements of control, domination, and seduction.

Seduction Games

Her husband stolen by a former cheer leading teammate, Vicki drinks alone at a bar and wishes for a way to get back at Alexis and her horrible friends. Her opportunity comes when she runs into Fiona, another wronged former teammate, who is now dark, tattooed, and sexual. After winding up in bed together, they conspire to seduce and humiliate the women that wronged them.

28,000 words, all about revenge and love; seduction, domination for sure, exploration, and discovery. Also, fucking in mud.

Tempting Jennifer

Tempting Jennifer
Jennifer is a shy but intelligent girl who’s never had an orgasm. Kira is sexual and curious, with a dark predatory urge. Follow the true story of these two friends and the women around them as Kira tries to seduce Jennifer into the joys of submission – soon finding herself caught up in a strange new kind of romance that she didn’t expect.

33,000 word first-person seduction, romance, obsession, and, as always, discovering lesbian sex… this is based on my own true story, as you might guess when you read it.

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