I’m an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction. You can find erotic works by me at my Amazon author page, at Barnes & Noble, or at my Smashwords author page.

I’ve also got a Facebook Author Page. Like my author page if you like my work!

  1. I’m looking forward to savoring your creative works and have many already on my reading list or wish list. Keep those deliciously decadent creative flames smoldering and glowing.

    Especially on these long winter nights when the frost is on the pumpkins and the snow is falling.

  2. Hi Lexie.Love your books.I know your main goal is to sell books.How about for every book I send you sign it and return it to me.I will send SASE”s oh and a signed picture with each? PLEASE do this for me.PLEASE,sincerely Dennis

  3. Loved Brianna. Got me interested in writing my own novellas. Just posted a teaser. Let me know what you think!

  4. Just finished Jennifer. Great story and fantastic writing.

  5. I love your work. Admittedly I have only read your first time lesbian work as I enjoy the serendipity and discovery of them. But I did notice that you have some stepfather stories. I was wondering if you have considered writing a stepmother story? I think it would be the best of both worlds if a young woman turned to her stepmother for lessons in kissing.

    I hope you will consider this. In any case, I remain a fan.

  6. Hi, will your books return on kobobooks again?

    • It’s hard to say. Kobo eliminated all their indie author offerings in the middle of October, in response to some sort of tabloid article in the UK decrying their lack of adult filter. They say they’ll bring it back once they get the system worked out, but who knows.

  7. Hey Lexi. I was wondering if you have thought about writing a sequel to your Tempting Jennifer story. It’s probably my favorite of yours. And I have always liked your other stories when you decided to write a second or third part. Thanks for writing!

  8. When can we expect #23 in your series?

  9. when can we expect #25. can’t wait much more xx

  10. Hello. Taking a break from writing or maybe starting a new series?

  11. Are you taking a break from writing or maybe starting a new series?

  12. Hi! Your stories inspire me. I’m wondering if you have ever thought of writing reality based stories?

  13. Are you planning on publishing new stories in the future? 🤞🏾

  14. Hi Lexie,

    Will you ever write more books about Piper and Isabella? I’ve read the Steps to Submission books about a dozen times, and I need new material. They are my favorite couple.

    • I am definitely planning on it – I am currently living what I’ll write about in the second series :) since the books are loosely based on my wife and I’s relationship

  15. Hi Lexie,

    It’s been so long since you published. Miss you tremendously. Any chance we’ll see a continuation of the X-Change story? Thanks.

  16. Missed you! I have always enjoyed your work. Hope that you publish a sequel to the X-Change. Any possibility of that happening soon? Thanks.

  17. Your Temptation novels are amazing. Any chance you plan on writing a part 3 or perhaps a new X-Change story?

  18. Hi Lexie, I Just finished reading your X-change Temptations and Bodyswap Seduction stories. Gotta say I’m a huge fan. I Would love to read more stories about seductresses like Nicole and Vicky seducing, coercing, and humiliating another straight guy protagonist into a life of feminine desire. I hope you keep up with this genre! Happy New Year!

  19. Looking forward to your future adventures. Big fan of your Lesbian erotica and romantic novels.

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