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Piper’s Game – Steps to Submission #13

Things have been solid and amazing between Piper and her girlfriend for months, and it looks like their relationship is only getting better… but the school year is over, and summer looms. Isabella has yet to make a decision about where she’s spending the next three months. For Piper, the decision isn’t hard – she is going wherever the girl she loves is going – but that choice means more to her girlfriend than she can possibly know, prompting a new level of closeness, a deeper bond… and the start of a sex-charged new game.

Content advisory: contains strong themes of domination and submission, first times between girls, and a long, salacious buildup and payoff.

This is Part 13 of “Steps to Submission”, following Piper’s descent into sexuality and depravity at the hands of her roommate.


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Loving Sadie – sequel to Seducing Sadie

Per fan request, a continuation of one of my first short stories! This one was a pleasure to revisit. I’ve updated the original (included) and given it two more chapters :) I hope you enjoy it!


Sadie is gorgeous, but, due to a strict upbringing, has never even kissed anyone before. Kendra is recently single, and looking to explore her attraction to girls. She comes up with a plan to seduce Sadie, and it starts in the hot tub… and continues on to her apartment, where she has some intense surprises waiting.

“Loving Sadie” is the sequel to the short “Seducing Sadie”, and also contains that original story as its first chapter, running 11,000 words in total. “Seducing Sadie” was also featured in “Virgin Lesbians II: Erotic Stories of Seduction.”



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