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New Book – Good Girl, Dominant

Erin’s been a good girl far too long. At this year’s sorority reunion, she’s determined to stay and have a good time, and her excessive determination leads her into a whole new world of confidence and authority—especially over raven-haired and tattooed Kelly, who responds heatedly to such strong sexual aggression. Erin quickly gets in over her head with both Kelly and her blonde roommate, Natalie… but is she really in over her head? Because this is the most fun she’s ever had!

Content advisory: contains strong themes of domination and submission, sexuality between women, a bit of supposed drug use, strap-on use, and a lesbian threesome.

~13,000 words.


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New Book – Emelia’s First Time

This is the first of a new much longer format I’m trying now that I have more time to devote to writing. Let me know what you think!


Emelia’s twenty-eight now, and getting tired of the bar scene and hookups with random men. Mary, a much younger tomboyish blonde, starts talking to her for seemingly no reason. A few shots and beers in, Emelia realizes that she’s being hit on, and – against all sense and sanity – she decides to take Mary home just to see what happens. As they tend to do when alcohol is involved, things quickly get out of hand, and Emelia finds herself in way over her head (and naked).

~18,000 words. Advisory: contains scenes of sex between women, oral sex, sixty-nine, and more.


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New Book – Tiegan’s First Time

Hey guys :) I’m back for the new year! And I’ve got some great news. I’m done with moving and other changes IRL, so I’ve got more time to focus on writing!! Expect regular new books about once a week, and they’ll also be longer. First up is Tiegan’s First Time!


Tiegan’s a level-headed brunette who has just gone through a bad breakup. Alana’s a tall dark-skinned beauty with a rather forward way of handling things. When these two meet at a party, Tiegan quickly finds herself doing things she never thought she’d do—and completely forgetting about her ex thanks to an unexpected night of incredible pleasure.

8800 words. Advisory: contains scenes of sex between women, oral sex, sixty-nine, and more.


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