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Stepmother Seduction

Brooke is returning home from her first year at college, very unhappy at having to spend two whole weeks alone with her new stepmom. She’s certain she’ll hate the older woman, and it’s no help that she turns out to be gorgeous. But it’s not jealousy that has Brooke thinking increasingly bad thoughts…

Content Advisory: Features first time lesbian sex, shaving, and taboo seduction.

Per fan request :)


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Passion – Serena’s Submission #3

Things are getting more serious between Serena and Kim, even as Nicole’s deviant plans get darker… but Serena is learning more from Nicole than either of them realize.

Features domination, manipulation, anonymous sex in a female sex club, lesbian sex, group sex, spring break drinking, and general debauchery.

This is part 3 of Serena’s Submission. And I’m really liking writing this series :)


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Virgin Lesbians III: Sapphic First Times

Five more original short erotic stories about women exploring sex with other women for the first time.

“The Locker Room” – Abby stays late after practice and gets in over her head when she spies on her two teammates together in the shower.

“Counterplay” – A game of dares gets way, way out of control, and someone’s getting screwed – literally.

“The Craving” – A girl overwhelmed by a powerful fantasy finally gets her satisfaction.

“True Story” – Sometimes a little dose of reality reminds us how surreal life can actually be.

“Surprise” – Peyton thinks she’s being taking home a boy, but she’s in for a rather big surprise.


Virgin Lesbians 3

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Dominated, Serena’s Submission Part 2

Serena’s already had quite the adventure at Spring Break in Miami, but as she finds a deep new sexual bond with Kim, it seems her friend Nicole has larger plans for revenge and humiliation.

Features domination, manipulation, public humiliation, virgin lesbian sex, group sex, spring break drinking, and general debauchery.

This is part 2 of 3 of Serena’s Submission.


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