Passion – Serena’s Submission #3

Things are getting more serious between Serena and Kim, even as Nicole’s deviant plans get darker… but Serena is learning more from Nicole than either of them realize.

Features domination, manipulation, anonymous sex in a female sex club, lesbian sex, group sex, spring break drinking, and general debauchery.

This is part 3 of Serena’s Submission. And I’m really liking writing this series :)


Serena's Submission 3GetĀ Passion – Serena’s Submission Part 3 now at:





About Lexie X

I'm Lexie X, an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction.

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  1. I hope you don’t mind, but I added the first three books of Serena’s Submission to Goodreads. I love those books and wanted to have them in my list of read books. I also added a review on each of them on Amazon. I can’t wait for the fourth book to come out tomorrow! Thank you for these amazing stories.

    • That’s great, thank you! Though there has been a little unexpected delay on my end, the fourth book won’t be coming out until Monday. Hope you can manage the wait :)

      • Well that’s a bummer, but I think I will survive. I just finished reading Brianna’s Fantasy. Will there be another Brianna story? I would love to see how that goes. :) Anyway, I purchased 6 more of your stories today so I think I can manage waiting until Monday for the fourth book. What is the title anyway?

      • Yep! I am working on a new Brianna story soon.

        The fourth book will be titled Breaking Nicole.

      • Very cool. I am looking forward to both. Thank you.

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