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New Book – X-Change Temptations

So I’ve tried something a little different with this one because of some reader requests. Normally, I write almost exclusively lesbian romances, but this one has a twist. This book is based on a new fantasy kink called an X-Change pill that can switch people’s gender for a day. I hope those who are interested in that sort of thing like it :)


X-Change Temptations:

I’m a private eye, and I’ve been hired to track down a missing addict. The strange thing about this guy, though, is that he isn’t addicted to drugs. He’s addicted to a new pill called X-Change. Supposedly, it’s a secret new nanotechnological marvel with the capability to microsurgically alter you into the opposite gender for twenty-four hours. Why do I have the feeling I’m going to get in over my head with this one?

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and some seriously weird hijinks.

~50,000 words.



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