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Another five new books!

Here are five new books in the X-Change universe! Like before, each one is quite different from the others. My next round of books will probably be back in the lesbian romance genre, and I’m also considering writing my first cishet romance, so let me know what you’d like to see!

Man Hunter

I’m not your typical X-Change user. When I dabble in those gender-changing pills and pretend to be a woman, I’m seeking a very specific revenge thrill: I get my kicks by tricking arrogant guys into getting stuck permanently female. As with all thrill-seeking, eventually I had to take on tougher challenges, and I found the perfect target in the form of my highschool bully, Brad. He was the root cause of my hatred for arrogant men, but, the more I got to know him while on the hunt, the more everything I thought I knew began to turn upside down. He’s got a game of his own, and I’m finding myself no longer just pretending to be his girlfriend… I better get my head in the game, because I’m actually starting to wonder which one of us will end up permanently a woman!

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, bisexual sex, lesbian sex, and threesomes.

~53,000 words.

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Just Buds

My college roommate Alex and I had no privacy at all, so we made a pact. At first, we just watched porn together and got off. It was awesome having a close bud. Sometimes we even lent a helping hand. Then, things… progressed. We were both straight, but a mouth’s a mouth, right? We fantasized about girls the entire time, wishing we could have one in our dorm room, until we found out about X-Change pills at a party. Isn’t modern medical science amazing? Nanites could turn one of us temporarily into a girl! But something’s changed ever since we started gender swapping. Before, we were just buds helping each other out, but now, so often on my knees as a girl servicing my roommate, I’m starting to lose myself in the role… and so is he, when he takes his turn as a girl servicing me instead. What does being straight even mean when you can both become either gender at will? We better figure this out soon before feelings get involved!

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and a slow build toward finally giving in.

~50,000 words.

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From Husband To Wife

My wife recently gave me an ultimatum. Our sex life had died off over the last two years, so she made me try this couple’s therapy system with her. The program started with a pill that made it impossible to experience pleasure as a man… and then, once I couldn’t take the sexual frustration anymore, I had to take X-Change pills that temporarily turned me into a woman if I wanted to get off! It was supposedly intended to help me understand her perspective in the marriage, but the more time I spend as a woman, the more aggressive my wife seems to be getting. We’re finally reconnecting, and our sex life is hotter than ever, but I feel less and less like a man every time she coaxes me deeper into the female experience. If I don’t figure out how to regain control of this process, I have a feeling that I’m going to end up more like a wife than a husband!

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and gasp, married sex!

~50,000 words.

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Losing the Bet

When my girlfriend, Vanessa, found out about the existence of pills full of nanites that could change our gender for a day, she dared me to make a bet. She would take a blue X-Change pill and turn into a guy temporarily, and we would measure dick sizes. If she was bigger, then I would have to take a pink pill and become a girl for a day. If I was bigger, then she would finally let me have that threesome I’d always wanted. I smugly agreed to the bet. There’s no way this can backfire, right?

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and sex.

~40,000 words.

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Becoming Holly

When X-Change pills that could temporarily change people’s genders finally went mainstream, campus bars became a minefield of fake women. For us real men, any time we hit on a hot girl, we risked the nightmare scenario of that hottie turning back into a guy in the morning. I was just about to give up on getting laid entirely when I heard about the new X-Blocker Condom, a condom coated in a special gel that would delay an X-Change user’s return to their actual gender. I had to have those condoms! Then I could bang any hottie I wanted, and nobody would ever know if they were actually a guy or not before I sent them home… but I didn’t count on developing feelings for Alicia, the first gender-flipped girl I secretly used X-Blocker Condoms with. For three whole months, I kept her from turning back into a guy while I taught her how to be the perfect slut for a man like me. Unfortunately, when she found out what I’d done, she set up the perfect plan for revenge. Now, she’s demanding that I take X-Change and be a girl for her in return… and I care about her enough that I’m actually considering it. Is that insane? Maybe it is, considering she has secrets of her own, darker than I could possibly imagine…

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and memory alteration.

~60,000 words.

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