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New Book – Housewife Seduction

The next Steps to Submission book is coming very shortly :) until then, hopefully this will tide you over!


Holly’s stuck at home while the other housewives in the neighborhood carry on without her. Raven-haired queen bee Vera comes over to tell her exactly why… and the two bitter rivals find out they have at least one thing in common.

Content advisory: features rough domination and virgin lesbian seduction.


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New Book – Lesbian Dreams

Nelia’s having the craziest sex dream – but when she wakes up, someone’s really in bed with her! Her best friend, Bryn, seems to have seriously misunderstood certain sleepwalking incidents from the past few weeks… or is there something deeper behind her own subconscious and unconscious acts? Nelia decides that there’s only one way to find out…

Contains sleep sex, lesbian sex, and erotic romance. Adults only!


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