Breaking Nicole – Serena’s Submission #4

Serena’s been manipulated into a series of increasingly crazy sexual adventures by her friend Nicole, but now she’s grown quite confident herself, and intends to turn the tables. With the help of Kim and Claire, she plans to dominate Nicole as revenge.

Features domination, locker room sex, group lesbian sex, spring break drinking, and general debauchery.

This is part 4 of Serena’s Submission.


This one was a pleasure to write :) I hope you’ve all enjoyed this series as much as I have!


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About Lexie X

I'm Lexie X, an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction.

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  1. What an amazing series! Finished reading Breaking Nicole last night and loved it! I do feel bad about poor Kim though. :(

    I have a strange question for you. I have encouraged my wife to read several of these lesbian stories lately and she has been enjoying them almost as much as I have, but after reading one the other night she asked me if I had any decent lesbian porn. Sadly I did/do not. You mentioned Nicole finding some good lesbian porn in this story. Is there such a thing? I mean I know there is plenty of lesbian porn out there, but is there any GOOD lesbian porn, you know with maybe a story and a little romance. Just wondering.

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