New Bundle – Virgin Lesbians IV

Five classics heavy on domination themes :)


“Prison Pussy” – Sandi’s a hot but narcissistic eighteen-year-old whose ego landed her in prison. She turns to her cellmate for protection, but is she willing to pay the ‘price?’ An intense tale of lesbian domination and submission.

“Prison Sex Slave” – Sandi has survived in prison by servicing women, but her ‘owner’ has just been transferred. In her place, a young girl has become her new cellmate. Can Sandi turn the tables and make a sex slave out of the new girl?

“Coaxing Kate” – Kate goes on a cruise to get away from a bad situation and ends up meeting the strangely flirtatious Nell, a lithe brunette who seems intent on preying on her vulnerability. Can Kate resist the woman’s seduction? Or… does she even want to?

“Cassie’s Craigslisting” – Cassie and her husband have had a falling out, so she turns to anonymous sex to fulfill her long-denied needs… finding out just how sexual she can be in the process.

“Lesbian Camgirls” – It seems Olivia’s gorgeous friend Kaylee has a secret second job, and thinks they could make good money working together. Shy and inexperienced Olivia quickly gets in over her head, but she also finds she’s really enjoying herself…

Approximately 32,000 words.


Virgin Lesbians 4Get Virgin Lesbians IV: Kinky First Times now at:




About Lexie X

I'm Lexie X, an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction.

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