Steps to Submission Bundle Volume 3

Editing takes a long time! But I’m happy to say I’m getting there with my updates to these stories with all I’ve learned about writing over the past few years. Here’s the next bundle!


Containing books eleven through fifteen of Steps to Submission, this bundle offers 61,000 words about Piper and Isabella’s relationship as it truly becomes serious.

Loving Piper: The date is set. Come Friday night Piper will finally tell Isabella that she loves her – but there’s a whole week of temptation between her and that intense moment. Between her girlfriend’s twisted desires, their willing little slave Marlene, the return of her old best friend Jessie, and the mercurial presence of Isabella’s painfully gorgeous older sister Laura, it seems like Friday is a whole world away. Piper resolves to keep her head on straight and avoid doing anything stupid… but, in her unique relationship with Isabella, the boundaries are rarely clear… and, past all that, the question remains: does Isabella feel the same way?

Isabella’s Secret: Piper’s been bad, and she plans to fess up to the girl she loves… but Isabella has already been acting strangely, running hot and cold more than ever before, and she seems hell-bent on ruining their relationship. With the help of her returned best friend Jessie, can Piper figure out what’s really bothering her gorgeous blonde girlfriend, or will Isabella’s secret tear them apart once and for all?

Piper’s Game: Things have been solid and amazing between Piper and her girlfriend for months, and it looks like their relationship is only getting better… but the school year is over, and summer looms. Isabella has yet to make a decision about where she’s spending the next three months. For Piper, the decision isn’t hard – she is going wherever the girl she loves is going – but that choice means more to her girlfriend than she can possibly know, prompting a new level of closeness, a deeper bond… and the start of a sex-charged new game.

Piper’s Scheme: It seems that Isabella’s sister Laura, needs some help getting back in the game after her divorce. Piper is tasked with this mission by her girlfriend, and she takes the gorgeous brunette out to the bars, where a revenge seduction scheme against an old ‘friend’ gets way out of hand… but the adventure is not without fun, and Piper learns something extremely important herself in the process.

Isabella’s Voyeur: A new school year brings new adventures for Piper and her girlfriend. After an amazing summer spent together, the two girls finally have a larger place together, although they quickly find that somebody is creeping about watching them christen their new bedrooms… a voyeur who has no idea she’s about to walk into Isabella’s web of control.

Content advisory: contains strong themes of domination and submission, first times between girls, and a long, salacious buildup and payoff.

These are Parts 11-15 of “Steps to Submission”, following Piper’s descent into depravity at the hands of her roommate.


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I'm Lexie X, an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction.

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  1. Do you have an eta on when your next new writing will be out? Thanks!

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