Five new books

Life in lockdown has given me some time to get publishing done, and with that, I present five new books all at once! These five are in the gender transformation theme many have been requesting, including the end of the X-Change Temptations trilogy, book 3. Each of these is a little different, including a novel about X-Change use within a traditional marriage, a novel about being coaxed into becoming a girl as a college freshman, a novel about a man who can switch bodies with other people and finds enjoying living as a woman thanks to a domineering seductress, and a novella about a more traditional transition thanks to genetic editing.


Be sure to let me know if you enjoy these!


X-Change Temptations 3

I’ve gotten in over my head with X-Change. It’s a secret new nanotechnological marvel with the capability to microsurgically alter you into the opposite gender for twenty-four hours. I’m a private eye that was hired to track down a missing X-Change addict, but it’s really hard to focus on busting a drug ring when the wonderful new world opening up before you depends on what they produce… and the time has come for a final showdown with the organization.

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and some seriously weird hijinks.

~42,000 words.

X-Change Temptations 3 cover

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An X-Change Marriage Story

How will marriage work when a husband and wife can be a husband and husband, wife and wife, or wife and husband with the downing of a few pills? To get a real look at how up and coming technologies will affect lifelong relationships, I interviewed Bill and Megan. They’re married with kids, and some time ago a friend left a bag of pink and blue X-Change pills at their house. When they discovered that X-Change actually works and does in fact switch a person’s gender for a day, the results were life-changing.

Bill and Megan gave me their story, and now I’ve written it for you in a modern salacious style. Is X-Change good or bad for marriage? There’s only one way to find out.

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, including bisexual, gay, lesbian, and married sex.

~52,000 words.

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My Freshman Transformation

It all started through a simple agreement with my roommate, Jake. Our dorm room was too small for us to have any privacy, so when he needed to… release some pressure, I’d take a pink X-Change pill and temporarily become a girl so it wasn’t weird. Little did I know, he had plans for me, and I would find myself more and more female as time went on thanks to his careful dominance. Is there any hope for me, or am I destined to become Jake’s slutty little secret?

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and bisexual sex, lesbian sex, and threesomes.

~58,000 words.

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My Bodyswap Seduction

I had the ability to switch bodies with people for several years before Vicky entered my life like a dominant succubus. Before her, I used my ability to trade youth to the wealthy, and I stuck to male appearances for myself. Once Vicky got involved, I suddenly found myself living female for the first time… and thanks to her domineering words of encouragement and provocation, I began sliding down a slippery slope toward losing my masculine self altogether. If I don’t find a way to resist her beauty and control, I’m afraid I’ll end up submissive and female forever…

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and some seriously weird hijinks.

~48,000 words.

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An Unexpected Transition

When I was accidentally injected with a retrovirus that removed my DRMT1 gene, I found out that I would slowly become a girl over the course of a couple years. At first, I resisted it as much as I could with the help of my girlfriend, Angela, but I was medically destined to end up female. Can I fight fate, or is fully becoming a girl simply in the cards for me?

Content advisory: contains strong sexual themes of gender transformation, gender dysphoria, and transgender sexual situations.

~19,000 words.

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About Lexie X

I'm Lexie X, an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction.

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  1. O thanks so much! It’s like Christmas in April. Five books! I have already begun X-Change 3.

    And IRL, I am glad that your writing has become more prolific. I am sure that is a joy for you.

    Stay safe and healthy.

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