Lynn’s Craving free for 5 days!

It’s the season for giving, so I’m giving away Lynn’s Craving for free between Wednesday, December 12th, and Sunday, December 16th. I hope you enjoy it :)

A seemingly random message from a girl online leads Lynn into her first experience with lesbian sex – and it seems, no matter what she does, she can’t get women out of her head. She begins a journey through a girl-on-girl hook-up culture she never knew existed, looking for that one perfect experience that might satisfy her craving…

Lynn's Craving Get Lynn’s Craving for free at:

About Lexie X

I'm Lexie X, an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction.

Posted on December 11, 2012, in My Erotic Fiction. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Is there any other way to get this free ?

  2. Lynn’s Craving was an excellent well thought out read. I have found that your books Lexie all tend to be. I have read most so far that I know of. You are my favorite author for lesbian books. Keep up the good work !!.

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