Lydia’s Hypnosis – new book!

As Emma’s behavior grows more domineering and sadistic, her girlfriend Lydia confronts her about her mysterious ability to seduce any woman. To make things right with the woman she loves, Emma reveals the secret of the locket’s hypnosis, and lets her use it to do anything she wants – no questions asked. Will Lydia’s desires take her down the same dark path?

A mind control / virgin lesbian erotic romance focused on hypnosis, domination, and emotion.

Content advisory: Contains scenes of f/f sex, f/f/f sex, mind control, oral sex, seduction, and domination. Intended for adults only.

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About Lexie X

I'm Lexie X, an author of erotic fiction interested mainly in first times, domination, and seduction.

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  1. This book seems intence

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